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adj al·ter·na·tive \ ȯl-ˈtər-nə-tiv , al- \

1.  offering or expressing a choice - several alternative plans

2.  different from the usual or conventional: such as existing or functioning outside the established economic system

3.  other possibilities

Here at Hedge Fund Alternatives, we believe that more options are always available but not often well known.  Founded in 2009, Hedge Fund Alternatives established itself as a leader in seeking out the other possibilities.  We began by assisting distressed liquidating hedge funds with their disposition of alternative assets, primarily senior life settlements, connecting them with acquiring parties, often other hedge funds, as well as family offices, individual investors, and other institutional investors.

Since then, we have grown and evolved, continuing to assist individual and institutional investors with providing deal flow for alternative investments, such as real estate development and acquisition opportunities, mining, and oil and gas producing interests, among others.  We have also been very active in locating alternative financing for new ventures, commercial development projects, and existing businesses seeking expansion capital.  Finally, we have forged relationships with alternative financial service providers who offer unique and proven services and products that are not available through traditional mainstream financial service sources.

Our network of, and privileged relationships with, specialist advisors and private banking service providers are able to assist anyone who is seeking alternative assets, financing or financial services, from individual investors to fund managers, CEOs and CFOs, family office, wealth managers and RIA's.  We encourage you to contact us regarding your specific needs, and invite you to contact any of our specialist advisors or service providers directly.  Please be sure to tell them you found them through Hedge Fund Alternatives! For the latest updates on our business click here



Hedge Fund Alternatives is all about all things alternative: Alternative Assets and Investments, Alternative Funding, and Alternative Financial Services.  Stretching beyond the mainstream financial services marketplace, we identify non-conventional opportunities, then forge partnerships that empower investors to securely retain and grow wealth.  

Whom We Serve:   Business Owners, Individual Investors, and Family Offices, and their Advisors - including CPAs, Attorneys and Wealth Managers - who are seeking specialized strategies that:


  • are non-correlated to the daily turbulence of equity markets or current economic conditions

  • are not widely known in the traditional financial services marketplace, and

  • provide compelling opportunities for growth with safety. 

What We Offer:  

Consulting services for strategies and solutions that are lesser-known financial alternatives, as we showcase unique opportunities that are not easily found through mainstream financial publications.  Our foremost interest is developing relationships that are based on:


  • trust,

  • understanding, and

  • complete confidence in the services we offer. 

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