Business Owner

Asset Protection Strategies

You built your business from the ground up.

Over the years it's developed and expanded into a healthy vibrant organization with many facets.  Profits are being chipped away at by expanding line items beyond your control.  There are more questions than answers.  Do you want to know all your options and possibilities for saving and harvesting assets for your goals?  Take a step towards building the next phase, whatever that may be, by starting the conversation. 

Our partners will help you by doing to following: 

  1. Receive a one-time personalized assessment of your current situation for free before making any commitments.  

  2. Understanding that your goals will be the driver of the customized strategic plan made for you.

  3. Enable you to massively save on personal tax liability up to and over $2 million in the current tax year, with our proven methods.

  4. You, your CPA, attorney, and financial advisor will be able to ask the tough questions so that you are comfortable with the process and implementation of each strategy introduced.

How does this program stand out from the rest:

  • Our CFP and co-founder is a top 1% MDRT Advisor worldwide, and a member of the Million Dollar Round Table.

  • Our elite team of highly experienced financial and advanced tax strategy consultants has been working for several years with hundreds of high-net-worth clients in the US and abroad.

  • Year after year they continue to prove that the impossible is possible.

Find out about past success stories by contacting HFA today. 

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Additional information: this program is ideal for high-net-worth individual business owners who have owned their own business for 20 years or more in manufacturing, consulting, warehouse supplies, chain stores, etc. 

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