This is not your typical margin loan.

What if you could be your own lender? 

Taking out a loan for your building your business, purchasing equipment or a new unique opportunity can take time, and have terms that are not in your favor.  But sometimes there are no other options.  Having a securities-backed loan is one way to be your own lender. 


By working with the most reputable and experienced securities lender in the U.S., you can use part of your portfolio to raise the capital you need. 

Market Analysis

A Securities-Backed Line of Credit from our exclusive partner lender, also known as a "STOCK LOAN", offers many advantages that are not related to margin loans:

  • Borrowed funds can be used for ANY purpose 

  • NO transfer of title - you will not be required to give up ownership, or to sell, your securities

  • Low-interest rates and flexible terms 

  • No lender fees

  • Allowed collateral includes: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, non-corporate bonds, and most other unrestricted securities trading on any major U.S. exchange at $5+/per share (certain international exchanges allowed)

  • Only pay interest on the amount drawn from your account

  • Operating Partnership Units - credit lines available 

Cluster of Leaves

What we don't offer and why - margin loans. Margin loans: 

  • Are single-stock based for call purposes 

  • Are often laden with expensive fees

  • Usually don't allow deduction of your line's interest paid against business income  

  • Cap at only 50% loan-to-value for equities (stocks)

  • Have very strict call policies, and

  • Are intended for the purpose of more marginable purchase of stock

Join the many who have started new ventures, opened new franchises and secured more funding for projects then they thought possible without having to go to a bank.

Next step: our partner lender we have had a relationship with for several years is the gold standard for securities-backed lending and they pride themselves on their process that is non-par in this specialized industry. 

To learn more about the process from our partner directly please click on this link to bring you directly to their site