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Eliminate Federal Income Taxes in 2018?

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If your net taxable income for 2018 is near or over $500,000 for the 2018 tax year, we will help you to not only reduce (or potentially zero out) your federal income tax liability, but also save SIGNIFICANTLY more for retirement and future health care expenses.

This strategy applies to:

* Business owners, or professional 1099 income earners, with $500k + in net taxable income for the current tax year

* 50 years old or over

* 50 employees or less

For those who qualify, we will introduce an proven IRS vetted and compliant strategy that significantly reduces, or even possibly eliminates, required federal income tax payments for the current tax year, enabling you to save more for retirement and future health care expenses.

We will work with your CPA and Investment Advisor to tailor a plan to meet your specific needs. There is zero cost, and no obligation, for us to provide you with a personalized evaluation.

Contact us directly at to learn more.

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